Since 2005, the year of his birth, Grog has been the undisputed protagonist of roads around the world. Brand 100% Made in Italy, born from the experience and passion of a group of Writers who have always been dedicated to producing inks, thanks to the quality of its products it has established itself in a few years becoming a real icon, also because of the immediately recognizable shape of its products. Grog Squeezer, Grog's flagship product, is the natural evolution of the old handmade mop and has introduced a new concept of thick but extremely manageable flow and casting in tagging, thanks to unprecedented flow control.

MONTANA 1994 Montana Hardcore 2, the real evolution. The first spray created for the graffiti market in 1994, today it is renewed to become the new reference point for high pressure spray paints. From today painting with Hardcore is easier, even in the most extreme conditions, thanks to the brand new V-Touch valve: soft and modular, very clean, compatible with 100% of the caps on the market, never again overkill and accidental color spills. We couldn't miss the 3 famous metallic colors and the new series of POP colors, particularly bright and bright, along with the bestselling colors that have made Montana Hardcore the best-selling graffiti spray in the world. MULTICOLOR MARKER Hand Mixed was born inspired by hundreds of graffiti stores in South America. It is not a traditional brand, it is more a group of people in love with graffiti since youth. Their specialty is making handcrafted products, modifying industrial items such as the infamous SAKURA Solid Marker. As in graffiti culture, where the do-it-yourself approach is the basis for surviving on the streets, the Hand Mixed team applies this method to realize its markers, one by one, like the multicolored Solid Markers. They are in connection with many crews around the world and have created a collective that gives them the opportunity to experience graffiti in an alternative way.